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Company Status and Contribution

1958-----The first PV institution in China;

1965-----Make the first solar cell by multi- crystalline Si in China;

                Make the first solar cell by P+/n type single-crystalline Si, which efficiency was 6-8%;

                Make P+/n 10×20mm2 solar cell which efficiency was 12-13%;

1970-----Begin the earliest R&D for PV ground application in China, produced 10-20w PV panels for

                self-service weather stations in islands and Tanggula mountains;

                Produced solar cells for Chinese first satellite Shijian 1 powered by solar energy,which 

               efficiency was 10% (AM0);

1975-----Supply with solar arrays for DFH2, DFH3 and DFH4 series satellites;

1980-----Chinese Solar Energy Association was founded in Xi'an and Optical .Committee was 

                established. Vice general engineer Li Wenzi from TIPS was appointed as the first director;

1988-----Setup first CPV station in China;

2009-----TIPS spin off PV business to setup LT Solar;

2011-----Become the only Chinese participator accepted by IEC, WG7.

2012-----Rincipal author of the GB/T draft standard: Concentrator Photovoltaic (CPV) Modules and 

                Assemblies – Design Qualification andType Approva.

2014-----Principal author of the GB/T draft standard: Concentrator Photovoltaic (CPV) Module

                Performance Testing.

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